The photography on this website is with permission of the photographer. If you want speak with Melanie about your images, please email with the contact information at the bottom.

For Photographers

Photographer services are photographer-guided depending on the current needs of the artist. Services may include:

  • Assistance with editing and sequencing
  • Book publishing advice, contract consultation, and fundraising for book projects
  • Preparing for portfolio reviews,
  • Exploring your additional personal photographic needs
  • Advice to artists who are just starting their careers
Introductory phone call of 30 minutes gives the artist the opportunity to explore what we can do together to meet your personal photographic needs. This introduction may also include a brief examination of your website/projects before the phone conversation.
Thirty-minute Introduction $75
After or instead of the initial conversation, we further explore your photobook project depending on your personal needs.

The initial interaction may expand into a lengthier conversation. This on-ongoing relationship can take many forms depending on the photographer’s publication needs. Hourly rate $100
Hourly Rate
Photographer pro-rated rate for established clients (per quarter hour) for shorter meetings
Quarter Hour Rate

All clients will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule the appointment.

Please inquire about teaching workshops on the contact page. Limited availability for workshop opportunities.